Monday, March 10, 2008

Standing Room Only

What's with those Divas and their ridiculous demands?

J-Lo demands her dressing room be outfitted with low-wattage bulbs to ensure she never stumbles into bad lighting.

Mariah makes hotels roll out a red carpet lit with candles for her arrival at check-in.

Streisand insists her M-n-Ms be separated out by color.

But the biggest offender of the bunch? That's right: it's NSB. At the tender age of 8 1/2 months, Noa Sloan will not go ANYWHERE unless she is standing. What's that about?!?

Ever since she learned how to pull herself up from a sitting position, it's all she does. Put her in the crib and what does she do? Pops right back up to standing, face peeping over the guardrail exposing her satisfied grin! Plop her down on the floor and 2 seconds later she's got all 20 pounds balanced on 3 inches of foot, hanging onto the corner of the table for dear life!

Even her entourage confirms her obsession. One handler overheard her shrieking, "NA! NA! NA! NA!" at the top of her lungs after witnessing Mom prying her fingers away from the perilous corner of the kitchen island.

Incriminating pics show NSB bouldering dresser drawer pulls, balancing on a garbage can and playing the piano one handed. She'll probably even fall asleep standing up one of these days!

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