Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Minnie Mouse and a Red Hot Chili Pepper

Could there be a better holiday for a little girl who LOVES to play dress up?? Noa was Minnie Mouse this year, and she certainly played the part. She made Mommy and Daddy pose for pictures with her all afternoon, just like the characters at Disneyland do, something she picked up from our California trip this summer. Noa is already talking about what she's going to be for Hanukkah...apparently we're going to dress up for EVERY holiday! She's also requested that she gets to be Belle next year, from Beauty and the Beast. There was even a suggestion that Mommy dress up as "The Beast", a request that she is trying not to take personally! :)

Little Levin was a red pepper, and he was a sport in that goofy green hat. Daddy couldn't help himself and stuck a little mustache on the kid which had us doubled over in laughter. It had no connection to his costume, but it was hilarious anyway!

Check out some trick or treating pictures below, and also in the Fall Gallery.

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