Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Elmo: IN, Froggy: OUT

Could it be that White Plains' hottest couple has finally cooled? Say it isn't so!

On the heels of the oh-so-predictable Aniston/Mayer breakup, it seems that Noa and Froggy have also decided to call it quits.

Once seen snuggling in Noa's crib every night, friends of the former couple claim that Froggy has been carelessly tossed aside, literally, for a much younger, much redder man.

Paparazzi caught a brooding Froggy licking his wounds outside Noa's crib last week, looking like nursery roadkill. Pathetic!

So who is this colorful mystery man who stole Froggy's Friday night girl? Apparently it's none other than the notoriously ticklish A-Lister, Elmo. Sources say 'E' has been flying in every weekend from his Sesame Street estate to woo his new girlfriend.

The Noa/Elmo relationship has made for some juicy tabloid fodder, as paps have caught the inseparable duo's every move on film. One shot in particular suggests Elmo may have given NSB a cell phone with a direct line to his trailer on set. Another snapped the couple on a double date with Bert and Ernie at a romantic Italian restaurant sharing a spice container of oregano.

Who knows how long this love affair will last, but if Noa and Elmo want to last longer than an open container of Enfamil they should take a cue from Brangelina: Get a moniker. What do you guys think? !?



Tanner said...

you might have officially lost your mind! lol. hilarious.

Yael and Jordan said...

we are not worthy.

Emmanuel Hillel Bandler said...

I'm submitting to US Weekly this is waaaaay juicy.