Sunday, September 7, 2008

These Sneaks Were Made for Walking

It's no secret, Noa has taken a very strong anti-shoe stance ever since she started walking last month. Mom and Dad tried everything from sandals to sneakers and each one was immediately unvelcroed, kicked off and thrown to the floor during a full-blown, teary-eyed, feet-kicking temper tantrum. Even the salesman at Nordstom told Mom he'd never seen anything like it!

We were sure we had another Shoeless Joe Jackson on our hands, until Dad decided to take Noa to Heathcote Bootery, where Grandma Robin bought him all his kicks when he was a kid. Turns out Noa has a double-wide foot and we didn't know it. (um, DUH) Not only are her new sneaks much more comfortable, but they're stylin' too. She wore them right out of the store, just like a big girl, and walked around the entire strip mall breaking them in looking very proud of herself!

Check it out!

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